Thinking Week 8

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Pretend that you can get each person in your family any Christmas gift you want–even if it is very expensive or difficult to get. What would you give each person and why?


  1. Mom. I would give my mom a diamond ring because she loves jewelry.
    Dad. I would give my dad a brand new car because he needs it.
    Grandma. I would give her a lot of flower plants because she wanted more and more flowers on her garden.
    Grandpa. I would give him a scooter because he has a sore knee.
    Me. A brand new beyblade because I really love beyblades.

  2. Shonteal Cresswell3 December 2017 at 21:11

    Mum. I would get her some Jewellery because she loves to wear it and she would be happy.

    Dad. some new tools so he can fix things around the house.

    Daniel. I think he would like a new bike because he does a lot of biking.

  3. I would get my sister a librey because she loves to read and she wouldnt have to go to the libey all the time.mum peace and help because I am yery loud and not very new tires for his bike for sume reason? and me to reach leagonds leage beca I can not get past selver1

  4. I would get a hole heap of beyblades for cruze because he has always wanted beyblades. I would get mum some diamond jewelry. I would get Zara some dolls and lol surprises. and I would get dad a black BELT so he can skip up!!

  5. speny❗weny❗😀4 December 2017 at 19:49

    i would get my brother every book in the world he loves mum would want a horse. my dad would get a fishing boat. i would want a graphix cit.

  6. I would buy my mum a puppy

    I would buy my dad a wining lotto ticket for $10000

    And I would buy my doggy a 60 bones

    I would buy myself 1000 owl corns

  7. I would get my Mum a ocelot.
    My dad some new power tools.
    My sister some more Lego and earings.
    My Grand Father a new camera.
    My Grand Mother some jewelry.
    Me my own bedroom and some lol surprises.

  8. Jordan chicken wither or Jordan chicken4 December 2017 at 23:27

    I would bus delta a lol surprise doll because she wants all of the lol dolls
    buy Isaac a Lego set because he likes building with Lego
    and for McKenzie the puppy's because she wont's them back
    for mum a new bag so she can put her stuff in there
    and for dad some chocolates so he can eat them.

  9. Mum some DIMONS because she likes jewels
    Dad a gun because he likes hunting
    Jake a phone because he likes technology
    Caleb 2 foot remot control dinosaur because he likes dinosaurs
    Me a katana (Japanesfor sword)

  10. Mum some new hair prouducts because she is a hairdresser
    Dad a new tv because he likes watching tv
    Andiraz a toy car
    kobe a new computer because he likes play on his computer
    shanon a new rugby ball
    nana some new perfume
    grandad stuf for the farm
    me slime

  11. I would get mum some running shoes.
    I would get Quinn a new scooter.
    I would get dad a new watch.
    I would get myself a tv with a Xbox in my room.

  12. I would give Andrea an Apple I/Phone 6 because she needs a new phone.I would give Shanae a new camera because she loves taking sunset photos every day. I would give Dad some vouchers for some `me time' for him to watch some T.V without interruption. I would give Mum lots of love from me and my sisters and Dad.For me I would get lots of new toys.

  13. NANA: I would give Nana a new hair dryer as her one is not working good.

    GRANDAD: I would give Grandad some new tools for using on the farm as he needs some.

    MUM: I would give mum a new washing machine as hers has broken down.

    DAD: I would get my Dad a new hunting dog because he likes to go hunting.

  14. Mum I would get her a Lamborghini because she wants one.

    Dad I would get him a Samsung s7 because his phone is to old.

    Me. I would like a Xbox one so I could play just dance and play Minecraft mini games��

  15. Mum. The iphone x because she really wants it.
    Dad. A new rifle
    Brother. A animal postcard
    Sister. Some lols because she watches them on youtube
    Dog. A new Cow ear so she can bite it

    MYSELF. Star Wars Battlefront 2!

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